Multilingual DTP

At Ways with Words we also provide multilingual DTP services so that your multilingual publications engage with your target audience better and that your messages resonate as intended. We make your documents look good, sound good and feel good.

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DTP Services

We work in a range of difference software and formats – Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Technical Communication Suite, QuarkXpress among others.


We can typeset in many different languages, but most commonly we work in European, Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin American languages.

First Class Service Levels

We offer a fast response to your enquiries

We normally reply to enquiries within 1 hour during office hours.

Include a layer of checks to ensure high quality

DTP work undergoes a check by a second operator, so nothing is missed.

Flexibility to take on complex work

We are able to take on large and complex multilingual projects.



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Working with DTP software

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There is a broad range of typesetting or DTP software on the market...

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Working with fonts and images

Posted on 6 Jun 2018

When typesetting artwork in a foreign language, we always ask for the document’s fonts.

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Typesetting in Foreign Languages

Posted on 6 Jun 2018

When it comes to multilingual typesetting there are a number of extras to consider...

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