Case Study - Language School Brochure.jpg

Project overview
On a regular basis we are asked to typeset a 64-page brochure for a well-known English language school. We normally typeset this in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. We normally receive the translated files in .idml format together with the appropriate fonts and images. This enabled us to start working on the layouts immediately and it allowed us to replicate the original design in the foreign languages without changing the layout substantially.

The small print
It was quite a lengthy and difficult project, partly because some of the languages expanded substantially meaning we had to work hard to fit the translated text into the space available. On completion of the initial typesetting, PDFs were sent to the client for a post-graphical review stage and we then incorporated any necessary amendments into the layouts. After our final checks we output the brochures as high-resolution PDFs and also supplied completed InDesign files ready for printing.

The result
The outcome was a multilingual set of brochures, with stunning images complimented by stylish translations, following the original English design.