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Infographics translated and typeset in Spanish and Portuguese

Infographics are a great way of explaining a complex process using a mixture of text and graphics.
We regularly work for a client involved in the mining industry to help them produce infographics, as well as other materials, that they can use to inform their employees about the latest company campaigns in health and safety.

With such a critical field, it is obviously important to ensure nothing is missed and all of the details are correct. This is where our reviewing process comes into its own. On every project, we engage a second linguist to examine the PDF proofs, before the files are sent to the client for review.

Infographics have proved to be a popular way of keeping translations short but maximising the visual message.
We usually use Adobe Illustrator for typesetting infographics. The finished product can then be either printed as posters, for example, or published on the internet to reach a wider audience.