Case Study - University marketing brochure - typeset in Arabic.jpg

University marketing brochure - typeset in Arabic

We helped one of the top UK universities to promote their International Study Centre to a Middle Eastern audience by typesetting their brochure in Arabic.

The client supplied their own reviewed and finalised translations and we typeset the brochure in Arabic for them, ensuring that the artwork was flipped and that it read from right-to-left. We also made sure that the correct fonts were used, so that the Arabic text read correctly on screen and in print. With a marking brochure like this, it is important that the words and images deliver the required messages to the intended audience without any ambiguity.

For the purposes of printing the document, we also outlined the Arabic fonts, so that the brochure could be printed successfully without the need for the printer to install the Arabic fonts. The end result was a professionally produced brochure in Arabic which the client could then confidently use to promote their organisation.